Ten Challenging Activities for Tomorrow’s Leaders

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Ten fun yet powerful games which challenge participants to take initiative in a variety of situations. Participants are inspired to lead their team-mates in working together to achieve the set task.


Ten fun yet powerful games which challenge participants to take initiative in a variety of situations. Participants are inspired to lead their team-mates in working together to achieve the set task.

Advocacy and Inquiry

Exercise: Participants demonstrate their behaviour in a conflict situation and are provided with an alternative approach to improve resolution.

An effective means of communicating without losing rapport or creating tension and conflict

Bridge Building Rivalry

Task: Two teams, in opposition to one another, in their teams, must combine to build a mini-sized replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from newspaper, straws and a selection of other everyday materials.

A game that really challenges two teams who are having difficulty working together in real life. They will need to combine vision, planning and doing-whatever-it-takes, putting aside their differences, if they are to succeed in this task. A great metaphor for building bridges between two disparate groups. (1 hour)

Castle Keeps Double Play

Task: Teams make the tallest mediaeval castle out of paper, straws and tape while dealing with changes in castle management and design specifications.

A challenging, fun, team action game played twice; once with no roles or guidelines, then again with team members agreeing roles and guidelines. (30 mins)

Greatest Leader

Exercise: Participants recall the greatest leader they have ever experienced and reflect on what made them such a great leader.

Draws the attributes of great leaders from participants to provide an anchor and ownership of the qualities they will need themselves to perform as effective leaders and asks them to demonstrate the results. (45 mins)

In Search of the Lost Tribe

Task: Teams of survivors from a plane crash in the Andes must find their way through a series of challenges (games) to find the Lost Tribe to guide them back to civilisation.

Multiple team challenges abound in this fast-moving race to survive the rigors of the high Andes and return to civilisation while testing leadership, coaching, problem solving and a host of other skills. (40 mins)

Leaders Tug-of-War

Task: Leaders recruit their own tug-of-war team by appealing to participants to join their team in a traditional game of strength.

A confronting game for any would-be leader. Have they got what it takes to inspire others to join them or will people simply sit back and watch? (30 – 60 mins)

Leading Coaches

Task: Teams design an educational children’s board game in two blocks of 5 minutes each and present their game. At the half way point they lose their leader to be coach of a different team.

Emphasises the incredible creativity of teams when set a demanding task. Usually produces some amazing results as well as comparing leadership and coaching styles. (40 mins)


Task: Stand in a team line in order of perceived power. Conduct several personal power enhancing exercises and line up again. Test the new structure in a team challenge.

How do participants’ perceptions of personal power match reality and how can they behave at their most powerful in their team function. This game will show how. (60 mins)

Target Balls

Task: Teams score as many points as possible by hitting the target in two rounds, one constrained and prescriptive, the other supportive and free.

An all action game that illustrates the vital importance of having fun, team spirit, a continuous improvement philosophy and simple, effective systems in achieving extraordinary results. Provides a stark contrast between two different leadership styles. (25 mins)

Volley Balloon

Task: Teams participate in grand final mini volleyball competition using a balloon and some very unusual rules.

A team challenge where every member gets to play each role on their volley balloon team. A high energy and exciting way to practice teamwork and team roles. (30 mins)


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