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WorldGAMES offers a unique opportunity to try our experiential games and exercises for yourself.

Click on the button below to download, entirely FREE, our WorldGAMES Sampler Pack of 11 varied experiential activities to use in your own training.

The WorldGAMES Sampler Pack contains lite versions of our facilitator guides for a broad range of activities, such as:-

  • Animal Teams
  • Castle Keeps
  • If Hens Could Fly
  • Clapping to Ten
  • and many more

Enjoy them with our compliments and experience the power of WorldGAMES experiential training.

Games and Exercises Included

Your Free WorldGAMES Sampler Pack includes these games and activities:-

Active Listening Game Lite

Exercise: Participants test the effects of not listening at all and listening actively on their partner’s ability to communicate with them

A simple, effective introduction to active listening and how to do it

Aeroplane Game Lite

Task: Make a paper aeroplane that goes further than anyone else’s paper aeroplane

A short, high energy game that challenges participants’ assumptions and the mental models that can inhibit their ability to reach the kind of innovative solutions that dramatically improve performance (10 mins)

Animal Teams Lite

Task: Participants are each given a slip of paper with an animal on it. They must find their teams making only their animal noises

Short, fun and energetic team formation exercise – illustrates the power of communicating without words (5 mins)

Castle Keeps Lite

Task: Teams make the tallest mediaeval castle out of paper, straws and tape. Then deal with the changes in castle management and the specifications

A challenging, fun, team action game with construction role plays that encourages participants to react positively to and interpret change to their advantage (20 mins)

Clapping to Ten Lite

Task: All participants in the room are asked to clap to ten in time with the facilitator.

A powerful, if surprisingly difficult, exercise that is especially effective in energising and building rapport with a very large group.

Handshake Game Lite

Task: Score as many points as you can by pulling your partner’s hand to your hip

A game that introduces the WorldGAMES methodology and looks at the benefits of collaborative teamwork rather than an individual winning at all costs (15 mins)

If Hens Could Fly … Lite

Task: Drop an egg from 3m without breaking it using only the props provided to help

An exciting team challenge – how to stop an egg, dropped from 3m, becoming scrambled using a few basic props in a creative way. A game that is an ideal metaphor for keeping system solutions simple and effective (and saving costs while achieving the desired result more quickly) (30 mins)

Maze Game Lite

Task: Teams must find their way through the maze of squares in the fastest time possible without verbal communication

A high energy game that illustrates the importance of team support for the team member on task, being in action and correcting mistakes quickly (20 mins)

Running Teams Lite

Task: Teams train for and race against one another while maintaining strict formation

Powerful team formation exercise for long conferences and committed organisations. Teams will need to overcome their personal barriers and limitations to bond effectively and win. A high gradient exercise that will test teams to the limit as they confront the issues that prevent most teams from achieving extraordinary results (An hour per day for several days)

Seminar Secrets Lite

Task: Pass the simple message down the line intact to win a major prize

Communication blocks and filters in action. Barriers to successful communication and to improved performance (15 mins)

Who’s On Your Team Lite

Exercise: Participants record their greatest success, the mistake they learned most from, their hero or role model, hidden talent and dream project and share it with a partner

A powerful team bonding game that demonstrates the active listening skill in communication.

Enjoy them with our compliments and experience the power of WorldGAMES experiential training.