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In these turbulent times we would like to do our bit for world peace and climate change mitigation… so we are offering our games for FREE.

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WorldGAMES has always been committed to making a positive difference so for us this a natural progression … enjoy and together let’s make the world a better place.

Business Games designed and customised by Business People to:-

  • Maximise your results and outcomes
  • Ensure full transference of the learning back to the workplace
  • Change competencies, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs

Choose from:-

  • Mini Training Games Packs

    Ten of the best experiential games and exercises in each skill-based pack. Choose from team building, innovation, leadership, icebreakers and many more. Packs are in e-book format and are delivered by return e-mail.

    And there’s also our Super Six Pack – six training games for you to try at less than $10 a game!

  • Silver Training Games Disk

    250 of our best business training games and exercises, for you to enhance your own training.

    For in-house company trainers or independant training organisations. Never be stuck for ideas again, 250 experiential activities in Adobe pdf format in a downloadable zip file.

  • Complete Training Programs

    Everything you need to run complete business training workshops except the props.

    A combination of games, exercises, simulations and tools packaged to achieve a specific learning outcome.

    Includes run sheet, facilitator guide, all games and exercises and participant guidebooks with back-up material.

  • Manager Tool Kit

    One of the distinguishing talents of mankind is our ability to learn quickly and effectively from others. Management Tools in this series are tried, tested and refined ways of doing things that work.


WorldGAMES is the collector, creator and designer of over 800 fun and engaging training games, exercises, simulations, tools and experiential programs. Everything you need for effective action learning. Discover for yourself the magic of the most natural learning process in the world: the power of games as metaphors that relate directly to the workplace. If you want to know how to:

  • change behaviour in a safe context
  • make data heavy programs come alive and interesting
  • maximise the retention of what your people learn
  • get more information about experiential learning and how it works
  • make learning fun

or simply get results that will amaze you … then welcome to our web site. Be our guest and please read on. Or just use the quick menu at the side of the page to go directly to what you want.

“Emblazon these words on your mind: learning is more effective when it’s fun.”

Peter Kline The Everyday Genius

The WorldGAMES Story

“One fun 15 minute game just blew me away. It showed me clearly why I was in my mess and what I needed to do to change it. Just 15 minutes to solve a problem I had struggled with for 2 years!”

John Radclyffe, WorldGAMES founder

Read John’s story – a brief illustration of the power of learning games.

Games, exercises, simulations, tools and programs come in the following packages:

Ready to run mini games packs for everyone

Whether you are running a conference, looking to spice up your training or having a corporate day out, this e-book style selection of packages of our most popular games is designed for anyone to facilitate using our simple to follow Games Facilitator Guides. Everything you need to play, except the props. Fast (by return email), great value for money, and complete with tips for using experiential games.

Silver Training Games Disk

Access to a huge variety of our experiential games and exercises, drawn from our many years of successful experiential training.

Ready to run Training Programs

Everything you need to run complete workshops except the props.

WorldGAMES Corporate Training

We can also provide tailored corporate training and management evaluation programs. See more information on WorldGAMES’ facilitated programs and training games.

How to Contact us

If you would like further information about these or any other of our services, please use our Enquiry Form.

If you prefer to contact us directly, click here to email WorldGAMES, or call us on +61 2 9939 1105.