Ten Strategic Planning Activities

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Ten fun activities which challenge established ways of thinking and involve strategic planning, problem solving and innovative thinking.


Ten fun activities which challenge established ways of thinking and involve strategic planning, problem solving and innovative thinking.

Apollo 13 Game

Task: Teams are challenged to save the Astronauts aboard Apollo 13 by making an air filter that will fit two different sockets from the jumble of available items on board the spacecraft.

Strategic planning, problem solving and resource utilisation all rolled into one fun activity (20 mins)

Cartoon Characters for Sale

Task: Teams make their cartoon character from Play Doh, colours having different prices. Participants then “buy” another team’s character most suited to a child’s needs.

A wonderfully kinaesthetic game that will illustrate cost and profitability principles, while highlighting key profit drivers and inhibitors in an open market. (30 mins)

Chase the Flag (Outdoor Game)

Task: Teams of participants save their “white shirt” from terrorist paint attack while trying to capture the white flag. The team has paint filled balloons as their defense weapon. Who knows what the terrorists have!

Paint-filled, fun and active team game that illustrates the benefits and synergy of teams in action and working collaboratively (150 mins)

Clean Up

Task: Get the whole team from the start line, around a chair and back to the start without touching the floor and using only flipchart paper as an aid

An exciting teamwork challenge that encourages testing systems and using feedback to make continuous improvements to achieve extraordinary results (15 mins)

Egg Ball

Task: Teams line up and take it in turns to throw a ball to each member of the team in a race against all other teams (captain ball). They start with a tennis ball and complete the race using an egg. They must choose between a raw egg and one that is hard boiled but with a time penalty.

A game of risk assessment with a twist that will test the team’s ability to perform (15 mins)

Financial Castle Keeps

Task: Teams begin by making the tallest mediaeval castle out of paper, straws and tape. Then deal with an abundance of changes that transform their castle completely. They must keep accurate records of costs and profits to account to a demanding King’s Treasury.

A very challenging, fun, team action game with continual changes to product and costs that will test participants’ ability to stay on task, make a profit, support their leader and build a firm foundation for success in an uncertain future (90 mins)

Galloping Golf (Outdoor Game)

Task: Participants, in their teams, putt the maximum number of golf balls into a bucket from about 50 metres

A very high energy game that challenges participants’ assumptions and the mental models that can inhibit their ability to reach the kind of innovative solutions that dramatically improve performance. How do they organise their team for the greatest effect? (20 mins)

If Hens Could Fly …

Task: Drop an egg from 3m without breaking it using only the props provided to help

An exciting team challenge – how to stop an egg, dropped from 3m, becoming scrambled using a few basic props in a creative way. A game that is an ideal metaphor for keeping system solutions simple and effective (and saving costs while achieving the desired result more quickly) (30 mins)

PERT Exercise

Exercise: Participants learn the fundamentals of the Performance Evaluation Review Technique and experience how it works in practice by planning a dinner party.

A fun, accelerated learning way to discover and understand how operate a powerful planning tool. (45 – 90 mins)

Water Carry

Task: Teams carry brim-full cups of water down the course without touching the floor or spilling any on the way, with only a few props to help. Will they improve their time as they practice and get more inventive?

Energetic problem solving game demanding teamwork, task focus, lateral thinking and evaluation of continuous feedback in order to achieve excellent results (30 mins)

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