Ten Assessment Activities to Highlight Behaviours

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Running an Assessment Centre provides valuable feedback on potential or current employees, helping you to select new recruits or candidates for promotion with the best skills, attitudes and behaviours for your business.


Running an Assessment Centre provides valuable feedback on potential or current employees, helping you to select new recruits or candidates for promotion with the best skills, attitudes and behaviours for your business.

Apollo 13 Game

Task: Teams are challenged to save the Astronauts aboard Apollo 13 by making an air filter that will fit two different sockets from the jumble of available items on board the spacecraft.

Strategic planning, problem solving and resource utilisation all rolled into one fun activity.

(Initiative, Communication, Leadership, Problem Solving)

Basket Ball Bonus

Task: Teams help their best thrower to get balls into a bucket whilst overcoming a series of barriers.

High energy problem solving game challenging participants to adopt a creative orientation when confronted by barriers to team performance and in so doing improve results despite the apparent handicap.

(Results Focus, Resolution, Leadership, Problem Solving)

Castle Keeps Customer Focus

Task: Teams strive to make the tallest mediaeval castle out of paper, straws and tape but each one of them has a different agenda which is likely to restrict progress.

A challenging, fun, team action game with construction role plays that encourages participants to create a shared vision of meeting customer needs that transcends their self interest.

(Customer Focus, Communication, Change, Teamwork)

Dry Synchronised Swimming

Task: Teams must perform the most elegant and graceful synchronised routine in time with the music. Points will be awarded for elegance, style and team synchronisation.

A fun challenge for teams to work together and find the best strategy to perform a task that is likely to be a change from their usual routine.

(Teamwork, Communication, Leadership, Conflict)

If Hens Could Fly …

Task: Drop an egg from 3m without breaking it using only the props provided.

An exciting team challenge – how to stop an egg, dropped from 3m, becoming scrambled using a few basic props in a creative way. A game that is an ideal metaphor for keeping system solutions simple and effective (and saving costs/achieving the desired result quickly).

(Customer Focus, Communication, Innovation, Teamwork)

Mash Emergency

Task: The MASH unit has been bombed. Only 6 of the 18 critically injured survivors can be saved. Participants and then teams decide who will be treated first.

A test of values, empathetic teamwork and resolution skills in an emotive environment that challenges assumptions and prejudices.

(Conflict, Empathy, Communication, Values)

Minefield Game

Task: Teams must find their way through the minefield hidden in a maze of squares in the fastest time possible without verbal communication.

A high energy game that illustrates the importance of team cooperation support for the team member on task, being in action and correcting mistakes quickly.

(Strategy, Communication, Democratic, Motivation)

Official Business

Exercise: Participants role play different conflict scenarios in teams of 3 or 4.

Tests communication and conflict resolution skills and the ability to observe and coach others.

(Persuasiveness, Conflict Resolution, Articulation, Resilience)

Un-Useless Inventions II

Task: Individual participants invent their own Chindogu the Japanese art of inventing a gadget that is both useful and useless at the same time and decide on who would be the perfect recipient. They then join their team and design a team Un-Useless invention. All teams make a high energy presentation of their best gadget.

A fun brain teaser that will test both individual and team creativity and ability to think laterally.

(Leading, Communication, Innovation, Persuasiveness)

Water Carry

Task: Teams carry brim-full cups of water down the course without touching the floor or spilling any on the way, with only a few props to help. Will they improve their time as they practice and get more inventive?

Energetic problem solving game demanding teamwork, task focus, lateral thinking and evaluation of continuous feedback in order to achieve excellent results.

(Results Focus, Flexibility, Strategy, Problem Solving)

What is an Assessment Centre? An Assessment Centre is a powerful combination of games, simulations, exercises and psychometric evaluations that are carefully designed to measure observable behaviour, skills and results against a predetermined set of competencies. The best Assessment Centres use combinations of team, individual, active, oral and written activities and client generated, job-specific competencies which are witnessed by one-on-one Observers trained to be objective.

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