Ten Innovation Activities that Create Miracles

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Ten exciting games which encourage participants to challenge traditional mind-sets, think in new ways and create innovative solutions.


Ten exciting games which encourage participants to challenge traditional mind-sets, think in new ways and create innovative solutions.

Alien for Dinner

Exercise: Participants question some of humanity’s social norms and regulations in the guise of an alien at a dinner party seeking to understand why people do the things they do.

Provides an opportunity for participants to challenge the way things are and find alternative solutions.

Balloon Babel

Task: Teams must build the tallest free-standing column of balloons in the room using only the props provided

Fast, energetic team problem solving game that will encourage lateral thinking, innovation and best use of team dynamics to win (15 mins)

Basket Ball Bonus

Task: Teams help their best thrower to get balls into a bucket whilst overcoming a series of barriers

High energy problem solving game challenging participants to adopt a creative orientation when confronted by barriers to team performance and in so doing improve results despite the apparent handicap (30 mins)

Brave New World II

Task: Solar flares have destroyed all electronics on earth and melted the ice caps. The great coastal cities of the world are lost in the ocean. Humanity is now living on a vastly smaller land mass. Each team representing a group of world holocaust survivors must create a new business that will ensure survival in a changed environment an utilises at least one existing skill of each team member.

A game that challenges values, demands lateral thinking and best use of scarce resources to survive in a hostile environment (30 mins – 1 hour)

Castle Keeps Double Plus

Task: Teams begin by making the tallest mediaeval castle out of paper, straws and tape. Then deal with an abundance of changes that transform their castle completely. Their structure must be capable of supporting an egg at the highest point.

A very challenging, fun, team action game with continual changes and role plays that will test participants’ ability to stay on task, support their leader and build a firm foundation for success in an uncertain future. (40 mins)

Future Co 2020

Imagine what your organisation will be like in 2020 – how different from now.

Exercise: An introspective workshop on the future of the organisation, the opportunities, the barriers to be overcome, the potential new alliances and partnerships, the client of the future, the workplace of the future, beyond Cyberspace.

Groups of participants choose an area they would most like to work on and collectively design their view of the future and what it will take to attain success in a changeable future.

Horizontal Plutonium Pills

Task: Teams carry all of their “hot” plutonium pills to the safe container in the fastest time possible but the person carrying the pills must not touch the ground and must wear the only pair of gloves.

Great energiser and problem-solving task ideal for demonstrating the working of the results spiral in achieving extraordinary results. (15 mins)

Q’s Toys

Task: Individual participants watch a Bond film clip demonstrating Q’s new toys and invent their own spy gadget that is both useful and well disguised. They then join their team and design a team gadget. All teams make a high energy presentation of their best gadget including how, when and against whom to use it.

A fun brain teaser that will test both individual and team creativity and ability to think laterally. (40 mins)

Un-Useless Inventions

Task: Teams invent their own Chindogu the Japanese art of inventing a gadget that is both useful and useless at the same time and decide on who would be the perfect recipient.

A short and fun brain teaser that will test teams’ creativity and ability to think laterally. (10 mins)

Water Carry

Task: Teams carry brim-full cups of water down the course without touching the floor or spilling any on the way, with only a few props to help. Will they improve their time as they practice and get more inventive?

Energetic problem solving game demanding teamwork, task focus, lateral thinking and evaluation of continuous feedback in order to achieve excellent results (30 mins)


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