Ten Conference Activities to Waken the Dead

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A broad range of activities to enliven any conference… anywhere.


A broad range of activities to enliven any conference… anywhere.

Balloon Babel

Task: Teams must build the tallest free-standing column of balloons in the room using only the props provided

Fast, energetic team problem solving game that will encourage lateral thinking, innovation and best use of team dynamics to win (15 mins)

Brave New World II

Task: Solar flares have destroyed all electronics on earth and melted the ice caps. The great coastal cities of the world are lost in the ocean. Humanity is now living on a vastly smaller land mass. Each team representing a group of world holocaust survivors must create a new business that will ensure survival in a changed environment an utilises at least one existing skill of each team member.

A game that challenges values, demands lateral thinking and best use of scarce resources to survive in a hostile environment (30 mins – 1 hour)

Cocktail Capers

Task: Participants are provided with the name of a cocktail ingredient and must find others with different ingredients to join their cocktail team. Teams of six or more have the barman prepare their cocktail ready for sampling by the team and judging

A fun introduction game that demonstrates the opportunities and pitfalls of team blending (30 mins)

Conference Bridge Building Challenge

Task: Each team must build a faithful, load-carrying replica of a famous bridge from newspaper, straws, hose pipe and a selection of other everyday materials and join it to the next table. Each bridge is judged on its likeness and ability to hold weight.

A game that really challenges team vision, planning and doing-whatever-it-takes when they are confronted with joining all tables in the room. (40 mins)

Dry Synchronised Swimming

Task: Teams must perform the most elegant and graceful synchronised routine in time with the music. Points will be awarded for elegance, style and team synchronisation

A fun challenge for teams to work together and find the best strategy to perform a task that is likely to be a change from their usual routine (15 mins)

Gilligans Island

Task: Row your team to the safety of the island using chairs in Indian file, take the one from the back to the front of the line in rotation. A team race to the island using a “canoe” of chairs

A fun and fast moving energiser that will wake participants up and test their ability to synchronise activity under pressure. (15 mins)

Handshake Game

Task: Score as many points as you can by pulling your partner’s hand to your hip

A game that introduces the WorldGAMES methodology and looks at the benefits of collaborative teamwork rather than an individual winning at all costs (15 mins)

Hot Topics Exercise

Exercise: A simple, effective exercise that allows participants to choose their own hot topic, within the program context, and explore the options for overcoming barriers or setting action plans together with like minded people.

A good exercise for setting vision or reflecting on what it will take to achieve it.

Un-Useless Inventions II

Task: Individual participants invent their own Chindogu the Japanese art of inventing a gadget that is both useful and useless at the same time and decide on who would be the perfect recipient. They then join their team and design a team Un-Useless invention. All teams make a high energy presentation of their best gadget

A fun brain teaser that will test both individual and team creativity and ability to think laterally. (30 mins)

Vogon Poetry Competition

Task: Teams of participants watch a short video clip from Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and then create their own Vogon poetry, the 3rd most excruciating poetry in the universe. Each participant must write at least one line and the completed work must be presented to the rest of the teams in the room in the most boring way possible.

A fun and creative presentation activity with a difference. (15 mins)

Each game in a WorldGAMES Games Pack includes a full description of how to play, a list of required equipment, approximate timing, venue requirements, full facilitator's script and optional variations.

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