Ten Breakthrough Communication Activities

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Ten communication activities that will shift participants' thinking and broaden their flexibility in interactions with others.


Ten communication activities that will shift participants’ thinking and broaden their flexibility in interactions with others.

Active Listening Game

Exercise: Participants test the effects of not listening at all and listening actively on their partner’s ability to communicate with them

A simple, effective introduction to active listening and how to do it

Apollo 13 Transmission

Task: Teams are challenged to leave precise instructions on how to make the Apollo 13 Game air filter on an answering machine for another team to follow and construct a workable filter.

A real effective communication systems test for managers and supervisors (30 mins)

DISC Communication Challenge

Exercise: Divide participants into their disc profile groups and ask them to write out the key points they would use to enroll each of the 3 other groups in taking on an onerous task.

A challenge to participants to understand what motivates others.

DISC Four Quadrant Exercise

Exercise: Participants state their own personality profile’s preferences and how they react and behave in given situations

An illuminating exercise which contrasts the way in which the four DISC quadrant personality types view the world. A frequent eye-opener for participants that provides tools for communicating with others

Getting What You Want

Task: Getting what you want by winning an arm-wrestle with a partner

A game that introduces the WorldGAMES methodology and looks at the benefits of collaborative teamwork rather than an individual winning at all costs. Identifies the common communication styles that split teams apart and the different approach required to pull teams together (15 mins)

Heavy Hands

Exercise: Participants shut their eyes and imagine a helium balloon attached to one hand and a very heavy book resting in the other. With the help of a few simple suggestions, participants’ subconscious minds reacts as if the opposing forces were real.

A very visual demonstration of the power of the subconscious mind.

Neanderthal Relay

Task: Team members receive and pass on a message to their colleagues that is critical to their clan survival in a time before modern language existed

A high-paced relay race without words that will challenge participants ability to use nonverbal communication to convey their meaning (15 mins)

Seminar Secrets

Task: Pass the simple message down the line intact to win a major prize

Communication blocks and filters in action. Barriers to successful communication and to improved performance (15 mins)

Telephone Communication

Exercise: Blindfold participants role play simulated telephone communications that identify the relative importance of words, tone and body language and how to build rapport by matching the other party to the phone call.

Identifying and practicing the keys to building rapport on the phone. One of three excellent telephone communication exercises.

Word Association

Exercise: Participants record 10 words they associate with “foot” and then find any common words on their team

Illustrates the different meanings and associations people have even for everyday concrete terms – everyone understands what a foot is, yet they have differing views on what it means to them. A good eye-opener for communication and why it is necessary to check the recipient’s understanding of the message to ensure clarity.

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