Ten Team Games to Rock Your Socks Off

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Ten team building activities which will get your teams moving, working and laughing together.


Ten team building activities which will get your teams moving, working and laughing together.

All Aboard

Task: Teams of participants try to fit into rope boats that are too small for them long enough to sing a full chorus of “Row, row, row your boat …”.

Final team game that illustrates the benefits and synergy of teams in action and working collaboratively (10 mins)

Balls in a Bucket

Task: Teams collect their colour of randomly distributed ping pong balls faster than any other team whilst staying physically connected to each other

Fast and furious team game that is bound to bring up sabotage and win/lose or lose/lose strategies in a highly competitive environment (10 mins)

Basket Ball Bonus

Task: Teams help their best thrower to get balls into a bucket whilst overcoming a series of barriers

High energy problem solving game challenging participants to adopt a creative orientation when confronted by barriers to team performance and in so doing improve results despite the apparent handicap (30 mins)

Brave New World II

Task: Solar flares have destroyed all electronics on earth and melted the ice caps. The great coastal cities of the world are lost in the ocean. Humanity is now living on a vastly smaller land mass. Each team representing a group of world holocaust survivors must create a new business that will ensure survival in a changed environment an utilises at least one existing skill of each team member.

A game that challenges values, demands lateral thinking and best use of scarce resources to survive in a hostile environment (30 mins – 1 hour)

Bridge Building Team Challenge

Task: Each group comprising four teams, must build a faithful, load-carrying replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from newspaper, straws, hose pipe and a selection of other everyday materials in competition with other groups.

A game that really challenges team vision, planning and doing-whatever-it-takes when they are confronted with a multiple team task that simulates a large project environment. (1 ½ hours)

Dry Synchronised Swimming

Task: Teams must perform the most elegant and graceful synchronised routine in time with the music. Points will be awarded for elegance, style and team synchronisation

A fun challenge for teams to work together and find the best strategy to perform a task that is likely to be a change from their usual routine (20 mins)

Greatest Team

Exercise: Participants recall the greatest team they have ever experienced and reflect on what made them such a great team

Draws the attributes of great teams from participants to provide an anchor and ownership of the qualities they will need themselves to perform in an effective team and asks them to demonstrate the results (40 mins)

Holy Grail Maze Challenge

Task: Watch a short clip from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and get the team through the maze of letter squares in the fastest time possible without verbal communication

A high energy game that illustrates the importance of team support for the team member on task, being in action and correcting mistakes quickly (15 mins)

Titanic Raft Challenge

Task: Teams watch the video of the last 10 minutes of the sinking of the SS Titanic and then use a Lego character, straw and clingfilm to simulate their escape, or otherwise, from the ship on a raft

An exciting challenge that demonstrates the power of teamwork in solving problems and the advantage of all being in the same boat together (20 mins)

Water Carry

Task: Teams carry brim-full cups of water down the course without touching the floor or spilling any on the way, with only a few props to help. Will they improve their time as they practice and get more inventive?

Energetic problem solving game demanding teamwork, task focus, lateral thinking and evaluation of continuous feedback in order to achieve excellent results (30 mins)

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