Ten Sure-fire Introduction Activities

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Ten fun games to help participants get to know each other. Ideal for breaking the ice at the start of an event or for kicking off a new team or project.


Ten fun games to help participants get to know each other. Ideal for breaking the ice at the start of an event or for kicking off a new team or project.

Animal Teams

Task: Participants are each given a slip of paper with an animal on it. They must find their teams making only their animal noises

Short, fun and energetic team formation exercise – illustrates the power of communicating without words (5 mins)

Cocktail Capers

Task: Participants are provided with the name of a cocktail ingredient and must find others with different ingredients to join their cocktail team. Teams of six or more have the barman prepare their cocktail ready for sampling by the team and judging

A fun introduction game that demonstrates the opportunities and pitfalls of team blending (30 mins)

Find Someone With…

Exercise: Participants find someone in the room with the same colour hair, then clothes etc. as a way of introducing themselves to each other in a fun and active manner

An excellent icebreaker and introduction exercise. Good for expanding comfort zone or setting a training environment as fun/experimental….

Introducing Irene

Task: Introduce team members to each other using alliterative names in a relay race.

High energy introduction energiser that will test participants’ memory skills and provide a useful communication tool (15 mins)

One Card Stud

Task: Make the best poker hand possible in the room from participants each with a single card distributed at random

An invigorating introduction game with plenty of challenge and action. What will it take for each participant to ensure they make the very best of the hand they are given? (15 mins)

Parent Line

Exercise: Participants write down the occupation of one of their parents or grandparents and place them in a bucket. Whoever draws that occupation must guess who the writer is.

Tests assumptions and judgments in a new group. A good introduction exercise.

Pet Names

Exercise: Participants think of the name of a pet animal they would most like to have for themselves and then find the qualities in themselves that lead them to this choice.

A simple but powerful exercise in self-awareness.

Plank Shuffle

Task: Team members line up on a plank and then must change position to be in alphabetical order, by name, in the fastest time possible without leaving the plank

Fun and fast moving innovation and problem solving game. (15 mins)

True Lies

Exercise: Participants write two facts about themselves on their name tags, or on a label. One is true but not know to others in the group, the other is false. Other participants must pick which is the true statement.

A good assumptions exercise.

Who’s On Your Team

Exercise: Participants record their greatest success, the mistake they learned most from, their hero or role model, hidden talent and dream project and share it with a partner

A powerful team bonding game that demonstrates the active listening skill in communication.


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