Ten Customer Focus Activities with Attitude

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Ten action-packed and entertaining activities which encourage participants to examine existing values and adopt truly client focused behaviours.


Ten action-packed and entertaining activities which encourage participants to examine existing values and adopt truly client focused behaviours.

Active Listening Game

Exercise: Participants test the effects of not listening at all and listening actively on their partner’s ability to communicate with them.

A simple, effective introduction to active listening and how to do it.

Building Rapport

Exercise: Participants learn and practice 3 key areas and 18 top tips for building rapport.

Simple but effective ways to get “in tune” with others and give them a feeling that you really care about them.

Cartoon Characters

Task: Teams make their designated cartoon characters out of Play Doh, but how do you do Snow White with no white … or Red Riding Hood with green and blue?.

A wonderfully kinaesthetic game that will stretch the inventiveness of participants in a team challenge environment or test communication strategies.

Castle Keeps Customer Focus

Task: Teams strive to make the tallest mediaeval castle out of paper, straws and tape but each one of them has a different agenda which is likely to restrict progress.

A challenging, fun, team action game with construction role plays that encourages participants to create a shared vision of meeting customer needs that transcends their self interest. (20 mins)

Dinoplex Customers

Task: Teams create their own dinosaur from lego blocks, to customer specifications, ready to bring the design to market.

An active product design game that challenges teams to build a dinosaur from blocks and prepare their product for the market place, taking account of consumer needs and preferences.

Feeding Frenzy

Task: Participants in pairs take a meal together and must spoon-feed each other in order to get anything to eat.

A game that will break down barriers between participants and encourage the adoption of a “do-whatever-it-takes” attitude.

Getting What You Want

Task: Getting what you want by winning an arm-wrestle with a partner.

A game that introduces the WorldGAMES methodology and looks at the benefits of collaborative teamwork rather than an individual winning at all costs. Identifies the common communication styles that split teams apart and the different approach required to pull teams together.

If Hens Could Fly …

Task: Drop an egg from 3m without breaking it using only the props provided

An exciting team challenge – how to stop an egg, dropped from 3m, becoming scrambled using a few basic props in a creative way. A game that is an ideal metaphor for keeping system solutions simple and effective (and saving costs/achieving the desired result quickly)

Pans Party

Task: Participants watch Peter Pans food creation scene from Hook then draw a dessert ingredient from the bucket and must find others with different ingredients to join their dessert team. Teams of five or more prepare their dessert ready for sampling by the team and judging.

A fun finale game that demonstrates the opportunities and pitfalls of team blending.

Selling Game

Task: To sell a simple stationery item to another group member.

What makes a great salesperson in action, finding out what works and what does not and experiencing a simple five step process to successful selling.


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