Ten Change Management Activities for Tomorrow’s World

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We live in an ever-changing world. This set of games will enhance your teams' abilities to welcome, manage and thrive in that changing environment.


We live in an ever-changing world. This set of games will enhance your teams’ abilities to welcome, manage and thrive in that changing environment.

Alien for Dinner

Exercise: Participants question some of humanity’s social norms and regulations in the guise of an alien at a dinner party seeking to understand why people do the things they do.

Provides an opportunity for participants to challenge the way things are and find alternative solutions.

Basket Ball Bonus

Task: Teams help their best thrower to get balls into a bucket whilst overcoming a series of barriers

High energy problem solving game challenging participants to adopt a creative orientation when confronted by barriers to team performance and in so doing improve results despite the apparent handicap (30 mins)

Castle Keeps Double Plus

Task: Teams begin by making the tallest mediaeval castle out of paper, straws and tape. Then deal with an abundance of changes that transform their castle completely. Their structure must be capable of supporting an egg at the highest point

A very challenging, fun, team action game with continual changes and role plays that will test participants’ ability to stay on task, support their leader and build a firm foundation for success in an uncertain future (40 mins)

Change Game

Task: Participants make a rapidly escalating number of changes to their appearance and note the changes in their partner

A challenging action game that encourages participants to see change as a positive and inevitable process that can be fun, stimulating and rewarding (20 mins)

House of Cards

Task: Teams build the tallest house of cards but what assumptions do they make and do they stick with accepted norms or innovate?

An energetic game that will challenge mental models most don’t realise they have and that can prevent or slow business innovation (20 mins)

Maths Game

Task: Get teams of four to choose one expert at addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and give them an exam paper – the first team to return the paper is the winner

A very quick game that illustrates the power of assumption and mental models – how many teams complete the test and how many simply hand in the paper as instructed? (5 mins)

Monty Python Olympics

Exercise: Teams watch the skit on the Monty Python Olympics – 100 metres sprint for those with no sense of direction, marathon for the incontinent, 100 metres freestyle for non-swimmers – (or have the events described to them) and must invent their own Olympic event that best depicts their own team, division or organisation.

A simple, fun but powerful way to draw out the strengths and pitfalls of the organisation.

Relay Challenge

Task: Teams race each other in a kids style relay race with egg and spoon, sack, wheelbarrow, chariot and three legged race components

An exciting and energetic relay race that will challenge participant’s mental models and assumptions and demonstrate how to achieve extraordinary results (20 mins)

Three Ring Circus

Task: Teams draw a circus act from the hat and create, plan and present, in high energy fashion, their act in simultaneous competition with others

A creative exercise that mirrors the performance of many organisations where departments or divisions compete against one another in a circus rather than cooperate to produce the best show possible (30 mins)

Water Carry

Task: Teams carry brim-full cups of water down the course without touching the floor or spilling any on the way, with only a few props to help. Will they improve their time as they practice and get more inventive?

Energetic problem solving game demanding teamwork, task focus, lateral thinking and evaluation of continuous feedback in order to achieve excellent results (30 mins)

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