Ten Hot Icebreaking Activities

Icebreaker GamesA set of ten icebreakers to assist in introductions and team formation. These high-energy games will break the ice with any size of group, get people talking, encourage them to meet someone they don’t already know. Ten different ways to break down the barriers, get participants to mix and feel comfortable with the group. Or maybe something to challenge their thinking, wake up a tired audience or prepare them for more experiential action.

Ideal as meeting icebreakers, group ice breaker activities or introductory team building exercises. All WorldGAMES icebreakers have an underlying relevance to the workplace, either directly or as a lead in to other experiential learning activities.

Use them to kick off events or at any time to break the ice and enhance team building and understanding. Or simply use them to stimulate an audience that has not yet had to participate or has been listening for too long. Icebreaking activities can start the day with a laugh rather than a groan and help participants to bond together and achieve team synergy. Use them as part of your building blocks to success.

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Why Use Ice-breaker Games?

Experiential training really works. While playing games, participants are interactively involved using all of their senses and actively engaging their minds. This active participation is essential for breaking the ice at the start of meetings or conferences or for developing new teams, engaging team members and leading all group members to participate.

  • Icebreakers appeal to all three key learning styles, learning by seeing, learning by experiencing for oneself and learning by hearing. This keeps participants involved
  • Icebreakers are fun. This increases both the capacity to take in information and the retention of knowledge
  • Icebreakers are interactive. Participants immediately feel involved and part of the group.


What Does a Games Pack Include?

Each game in a WorldGAMES Games Pack includes a full description of how to play, a list of required equipment, approximate timing, venue requirements, full facilitator’s script and optional variations. See our Free Sample Game.


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