Conference Games and Activities

conf13WorldGAMES offers three great packs of games and activities to enliven any conference.

Conference Pack

Ten Conference Activities to Waken the Dead is a set of ten action-packed activities which take participants out of their seats, out of the office and into the creative space which comes from having fun with your colleagues and meeting new challenges. There are a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to suit any conference setting and theme.

Seated Conference Pack

Big conference? No free space? No worries… A Hatful of Conference Activities to Get Them Out of Their Seats will get them rocking in the aisles. There are no space requirements, no need for lots of props, just a set of lively activities to set participants thinking and awaken their senses.

Ten More Conference Activities

Ten More Conference Activities is a new pack of activities to enliven any conference. Use experiential games and exercises to inject energy into a large group event and ensure that participants remain engaged and take something more back to the workplace.


When to Use Games at a Conference or Event?

Games can be interspersed throughout the conference, focussed on one afternoon or evening or included at any time which suits your conference program.

A quick game after lunch can be the ideal way to reintroduce participants to the conference and grab their attention. Some games require no physical preparation, making them ideal as impromptu enliveners, to be used at any time to revitalise the group.

Why Use Games and Activities during Conferences?

Experiential activities really work. While playing games, participants are interactively involved using all of their senses and actively engaging their minds. This active participation is essential for engaging conference attendees fully and for breaking up programs which are mostly sedentary and audio-based.

  • Conference games appeal to all three key learning styles, learning by seeing, learning by experiencing for oneself and learning by hearing. This keeps participants involved.
  • Games are fun. This increases both the capacity to take in information and the retention of knowledge.
  • Games are interactive. Participants immediately feel involved and part of the group.

What Does the Games Pack Include?

Each Conference Activities Pack contains 10 of our most popular conference games and exercises in Adobe PDF format. At only $99.95 for the pack, that’s less that $10 per game for this set of proven activities which have been used successfully in our own training.

Games such as Billy Cart Bathurst, Vogon Poetry, Dry Synchronised Swimming, Ribbon Rows, Cocktail Capers and more offer a variety of fun yet powerful ways to enliven any conference… anywhere.

aeroplaneEach game in a Conference Activities Pack includes:

  • a full description of how to play
  • a list of required equipment
  • approximate timing
  • venue requirements
  • full facilitator’s script
  • optional variations

Download our Free Sample Game to see an example of the detail provided and as an introduction to the power of WorldGAMES experiential games.

How to Order these Conference Activities Packs

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Conference Pack: Ten Conference Activities to Waken the Dead


Price: US$99.95

Seated Conference Pack: A Hatful of Conference Activities to Get Them Out of Their Seats


Price: US$99.95

New Conference Pack: Ten More Conference Activities


Price: US$99.95

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