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Team Building 2-Day Program


Trainer’s Program Pack of tools and activities to inspire and empower teams at all levels, developing a shared sense of purpose, handling team dynamics and creating extraordinary results.

A complete “off-the-shelf” pack which contains everything you need to run an experiential Team Building training program except the props.

Team Building 2-Day Training Program includes:-

  • a Run Sheet providing an overview of the program – seeĀ sample run sheet
  • a set of proven Games and Exercises from the extensive WorldGAMES range of experiential training activities, containing all the instructions for set up, conducting and debriefing each activity. (Each pack contains approximately 12 activities for each day of training).
  • Participant Guidebook, ready to print
  • Facilitator Guidebook, containing background material on experiential learning and guidelines for facilitating and running training programs.
  • a set of Manager Tools, designed to provide additional learning materials for participants’ reference

Complete Training Programs are available for you to use over and over again, with as many training groups as you wish. You will very quickly recover your outlay and become expert at delivering this program, with very positive results.

Please feel free to Contact WorldGAMES if you require more information about the Complete Training Programs.