Module 19: Using Five Steps to Successful Selling

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At sometime in our lives we will be selling something. It may be a product to a customer, an idea to our boss, a concept to a colleague, a solution to a problem to our team or it may be selling ourselves at an interview. Whatever we are selling, the chances are that we will have only a short window of opportunity to make the sale and no second chances. Most of us will adopt one of two strategies. We use force of argument, giving the other person little chance to get a word in, or we concentrate on the features of the product and push them seductively at our target audience. Think of the two in terms of TV adds. The loud, buy-it-now, get-free-steak-knives approach and the seductive V6, turbo charged, EFI, overhead cam with alloy wheels approach. Obviously both work, but only for a very limited audience. The Five Step approach ensures that everyone who needs what you are selling is in your sights ready to buy. The secret is simple … focus on needs.