Module 0: Using Management Tools to Improve Results

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As we learn more about the evolution of mankind, it becomes increasingly obvious that our journey from ape to human has not been a straight forward path. Along the way there have been many differing branches of close relatives, such as the Neanderthals, that have become extinct before leaving us as the one surviving member of our species. So how have we survived when others quite like us have failed? The key answer is our ability to use tools. Not just any tool, for fossil evidence suggests all of our extended family used tools. The difference that made the difference appears to be that while others of our kind used the one-tool-fits-all approach, we forged ahead through our ability to design specific tools that were just right for the job. Unfortunately, in today’s competitive world, it is too easy for many to adopt the same one-tool-fits-all approach to managing others that lead to the demise of our relatives. This Manager Tool Kit module is the first in a series designed to incorporate over 150 simple and effective management tools that will create the same advantage for the busy manager of today that early Homo Sapiens had over family rivals. The difference that can make the difference between success, mere survival or far worse.