What do I get in the Facilitator Guide?

The Facilitator Guide for every WorldGAMES game or exercise includes:-

  • Everything you need to run the game except for the props.
  • An overview of the game, its uses and key potential learning outcomes.
  • A detailed list of all the resources (props etc) you will need to play.
  • How to set the game up before you play, including floorplans etc.
  • A detailed facilitator script – what to say to participants at each step.
  • How to debrief the game, what to say, likely responses and how to tie the learning back to the workplace.
  • A complete telephone or e-mail support service to answer any questions you may have.
  • All our experience of playing and facilitating the games many times over.
  • A very cost-effective way to ensure you maximise the fun and learning.